Brinno Time Lapse Named Best Way to Get into Content Creation by Premier Outdoor Living

Brinno Time Lapse Named Best Way to Get into Content Creation by Premier Outdoor Living

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Contractor Sean Collinsgru from the South Jersey/Philadelphia area is...

Contractor Sean Collinsgru from the South Jersey/Philadelphia area is dedicated to providing clients with well-designed and well-built outdoor living spaces. Creating a better client experience is an essential part of his business. Filming timelapse videos plays an important part of exceeding client expectations and providing them with the best experience possible.

Sean got sent aBCC2000construction time lapse bundle to play around with alongside his usual GoPro camera. He quickly realized the advantages to using a dedicate time lapse camera. Unlike action cams like GoPro, Brinno鈥檚 cameras have been specially designed with optimal power consumption in mind.

The durable waterproof case comes with a 16AA battery slot that will provide power for up to 328 days using a 5 min capture interval.聽The battery life is long enough that, as Sean describes it, 鈥測ou can set it up one time and record the whole project,鈥 whereas with GoPro 鈥測ou will need to change batteries constantly or run a cord to it鈥.

A GoPro is more suitable for providing supplementary footage such as close up shots of framing or tiling. This supplementary footage will make your content more dynamic and interesting, complementary to time lapse. If you are filming a project long time lapse then Brinno is the best choice.

According to Sean, contractors who aren鈥檛 utilizing time lapse cameras are missing out. Time lapse provides an easy way to start creating content that clients love and will want to share. Making content that clients want to engage with is a great way to expand your business. Existing clients will share your videos which will in turn attract new clients.

Brinno promises to make time lapse easy. TheBCC2000is the easiest way for contractors with little to no knowledge of photography to jump into the world of construction time lapse. As Sean puts it 鈥渆ven for contractors who aren鈥檛 tech savvy, this is a good camera. [You can] set it and forget it until the end of your project鈥.

The industrial-grade clamp mount makes setting up your camera easy in almost any environment. Sean liked the flexibility of how you could clamp on 鈥渏ust about anything鈥 making installation a breeze. Simply clamp the mount and then adjust to point your camera in the correct position. Made with industrial-grade stainless steel, the clamp will remain securely clamped in place until the end of your project.

One disadvantage Sean found with the camera can easily be solved with Brinno鈥檚 newBCC2000 Plus Construction Time Lapse Bundle. He found that once the camera was in the waterproof power housing (ATH2000) it was hard to tell if the camera is recording. The new upgraded bundle,BCC2000 Plus, comes bundled with Brinno鈥檚Camera Extender Kit (AFB1000)which includes a 32ft cable that remains plugged into your camera to provide easy access to camera status via a laptop or tablet(Windows 64-bit OS).聽

During your regular rounds, plug the extender cable into your laptop or tablet to get instant access to your camera to download files, adjust capture interval, image settings, schedule, and start/stop recording. You can even check-up on your camera battery life and remaining SD card memory.

Learn more about theBCC2000 Plusand discover how this redesigned camera bundle makes professional time lapse easy.