Time Lapse Monitoring for Environmental Protection

Monitoreo de lapso de tiempo para la protección del medio ambiente

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Imágenes de Brinno utilizadas para atrapar a infractores de la ley locales Leiendo Monitoreo de lapso de tiempo para la protección del medio ambiente 3 minutos

Taiwan’s East Coast is a lush oasis of rugged unforgiving cliffs, beaches, and a fragile ecosystem. Many endangered animals such as the pangolin or Taiwan bear call the East Coast home, which means that protecting the environment from pollution is essential to keeping the region in balance. Recent development projects along the sparsely populated Coast have exposed gaps in the enforcement of environmental law however with the help of Brinno time lapse the government has been able to monitor even remote areas.

After becoming a dumping ground for garbage, a newly constructed parking lot in Taitung was equipped with Brinno time lapse cameras to catch people illegally dumping trash. Brinno cameras are a part of the Environmental Protection Agency’s law enforcement equipment and technology across Taiwan.

The parking lot is along a busy stretch of road and many people had started to use it as a dumping ground for garbage and cigarette butts, creating both a health hazard and an environmental hazard. Even though the government was frequently sending road maintenance workers to clean up the dumped garbage, the littering was frequent enough that the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) stepped in with their Brinno enforcement technology to strengthen environmental law enforcement.

By installing time lapse cameras around the parking lot, the EPA could record the faces of people littering as well as their cars license plates. Time lapse footage provides law enforcement with enough evidence to track and charge perpetrators. 

Over the past few years the Environmental Protection Agency has installed dozens of Brinno time lapse cameras across Taiwan. Since adopting Brinno time lapse as an enforcement technology they have caught a factory illegally disposing waste water into a riveran illegal garbage burning business, and over 52 people littering on a vacant lot in Taichung - all using Brinno time lapse footage!

Using time lapse cameras to catch lawbreakers is a great example of how law enforcement agencies can introduce new technology into their crime prevention strategy. Brinno cameras like the MAC200DN and TLC2020 are small and easily hidden. They can be installed discreetly and catch lawbreakers in the act without alerting them. Anonymous recording ensures lawbreakers are being caught and the time lapse footage provides enough evidence for them to be criminally charged.

Brinno’s cameras are battery powered and built with power saving technology which ensures that cameras can record and monitor for months on end. The MAC200DN is even compatible with IR 850nm and comes equipped with motion detection, providing a great 24/7 monitoring solution.

The TLC2020 has many different bundles to choose from depending on your needs including waterproofing and mounting options.

Learn more about the MAC200DN and TLC2020 time lapse cameras and see for yourself what makes Brinno time lapse different.