Baking with Brinno

Hornear con Brinno

Probar nuevas recetas para hornear en la cocina es una excelente manera de vincularse con los miembros de la familia y, por lo general, resulta en algo sabroso...

Trying new baking recipes in the kitchen is a great way to bond with family members and it usually results in some tasty treats! We would like to share with you two scrumptious recipes that are easy to make and use common pantry ingredients.


Chocolate Cake


For this cake we followed this recipe. If you are wanting to use a bundt pan were commend baking for 30 minutes at 350° (180°).

For the cream icing on the top we recommend this recipe. This icing recipe is easy and delicious and can be used in future baking adventures on top of pretty much anything from scones to pancakes!

Get creative with your cake toppers and use whatever you have available such as Oreos, M&Ms, nuts, or strawberries.


Cinnamon Rolls


There’s nothing quite like warm cinnamon rolls on a cool spring morning. This recipe is easy to follow and a perfect activity to keep you or your kids occupied all morning. The best part about this recipe is that instead of baking all your cinnamon buns at once, you can freeze assembled dough swirls so that you can bake them later!

For the topping we made a walnut maple topping using this recipe.  If you are a lover of maple syrup, this recipe also has maple syrup modification suggestions for the filling.

Not a fan of cream cheese or maple walnut icing? You can use the chocolate cake vanilla icing recipe that we posted above!


Using TimeLapse

If you want to film your whole baking process we recommend using the following settings:

CaptureMode: Time Lapse

CaptureInterval: 3s

Scene: DayMode

These settings allow you to capture the whole baking process in great detail. Don’t be afraid to get creative with your settings. Experiment with stop motion and have a cake seemingly make itself or even try out step video for short glimpses of each step in the recipe.  


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