Vision to Reality: Construction in Time Lapse Video

Vision to Reality: Construction in Time Lapse Video

📍Italy_What’s the first thing that comes to mind when conducting a construction time lapse? Perhaps action cameras or drones are among your list...
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What’s the first thing that comes to mind when conducting a construction time lapse? Perhaps action cameras or drones are among your list, or even other options like CCTV or trail cameras that allow aerial view or real-time file transfer. However, the Brinno time lapse cameras, compared to those other options, can withstand extreme weather and still exceed expectations whenever needed. In Italy, we encountered another firm, JBS agency, that utilizes the Brinno time lapse camera for construction site recording.
  1. Tell us a bit about your organization.
    Hi guys, I am Matteo, the Creative Director & CEO of JBS Agency. JBS is an Italian communication and marketing agency. It was founded as a small agency, which grew larger over the years. We aim to create a new and immersive experience with our state-of-the-art VR studios.

    We've also been tapped into the construction world since around 5 years ago, documenting the phases of a project through photos and videos.

  2. Could you share more information about your construction projects?
    One project we worked on was for MARR, which is the leading company specialized in food product distribution to the non-domestic catering sector. The company plans to expand new routes with new logistic locations, resulting in this Bergamo office in Bottanuco, so the work involves building construction and road works.

    The building has a covered area of 12 thousand square meters, but the construction site covers an area of 25 thousand square meters. Outside the warehouse, parking lots, maneuvering areas and connecting roads redefine the landscape, giving it a new urban layout.

    “Brinno cameras withstand any condition and produce high-quality videos without stopping for a second.” 

    - Matteo, CEO of JBS agency

  3. You mentioned another interesting project called “Transparent”, how does it work? 
    This project consists in recording all the progress as well as the potential problems in a construction site and using this content to share information with citizens - in this way we make all the useful information available without hiding anything. For this kind of work the selection of the right instruments is fundamental, especially that of the cameras. We discovered that time lapse cameras help us a lot, because they allow us to create live videos on specific websites to keep people updated at every moment.

  4. What made you decide to switch to time lapse cameras?
    Back in the day when we started doing construction jobs with typical cameras, we soon realized these cameras weren't cutting it. It was tough because the sites were far away, and as the work progressed, we had less time to document everything properly. This became even more challenging for projects lasting two years or longer, so we knew we needed a better way to do things.

  5. How did you use our time lapse camera?
    The Brinno time lapse camera can document the development of the construction non-stop 24-7. In this way the only thing we had to do was to change batteries after a certain period, which guaranteed a usage of around 5 months. Currently we have dozens of Brinno time lapse cameras, all of them operative. We have used them for a total of 7 projects lasting 2 years each.

  6. What is your suggestion for time lapse newcomers?
    Before starting the project, consider the result you want to achieve. The calculation tool on the Brinno website is very useful for this. By using it, you will have a clear idea of how to set up the shot. In the case of long shots, periodically maintain the camera. Atmospheric agents, unstable temperatures and insects could affect the camera and impact the footage.

With the extended option of the Brinno time lapse camera bundle, users can leave the camera unattended for long periods using only AA batteries rather than having to figure out the logistics of connecting to a power supply via cable. Matteo perfectly demonstrates the time lapse capability with the BCC2000 Plus, which is now also compatible with the new ASP1000-P; our solar power kit which offers continuous recording with sustainable and inexhaustible power supply. Visit our website for more info!

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