TLC200Pro Used to Capture Installation of Overpass in South Australia

TLC200Pro utilizado para capturar la instalación de un paso elevado en el sur de Australia

📍Oceanía_ Las impresionantes imágenes de Anna Glynn, usuaria de Brinno desde hace mucho tiempo, de un paso elevado en construcción fueron...

Long time Brinno user Anna Glynn’s awesome footage of an overpass being constructed was shared by local media outlets including the South Coast Register.

Anna set up her TLC200Pro time lapse camera early in the day with a timer so that it would turn on and start recording when the installation started. To create the overpass three girders were installed, each weighing 100 tons! The installation process took 7 hours to complete.



The bridge was installed on December 2, 2020 and even though it rained a little bit it came out beautifully.

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