Time Lapse Helps Animal Rescue Project Go Viral

Un lapso de tiempo ayuda a que el proyecto de rescate de animales se vuelva viral

馃搷Asia_En abril, el Equipo de Rescate Animal de Taiw谩n (ARTT) cre贸 una gran recaudaci贸n de fondos para m煤ltiples proyectos...

In April the Animal Rescue Team Taiwan(ARTT) created a large multi-project fundraiser to take care of stray animals across Taiwan. One of their campaigns was to assist an 80 year old man from Kaohsiungin Southern Taiwan take care of the 20 stray dogs that he had taken in at his coconut plantation. Affectionately called Uncle Coconut by locals, he started taking in abandoned dogs and providing them with food and shelter. However, his plantation had been used as a local dumping ground for many years, which did not give the dogs a safe and sanitary environment.

The campaign to help Uncle Coconut focused on cleaning up his plantation and providing food and vet assistance to his dogs.ARTT鈥檚 fundraising campaign had an immediate and very enthusiastic public response. People from all over Taiwan joined together to raise funds for this project and help look after the dogs for years to come.

The cleanup project took 10 days and aBrinno BCC200 camerawas set up to record the entire project! The videos and story were shared by various news outlets across Taiwan and on social media. Take a look at the timelapsed project yourself! It was a very big undertaking.

This campaign also provided an opportunity for all the dogs to get neutered and spayed while also ensuring that all future veterinary and food bills would be covered.

By using time lapse ARTT was able to not only create a documentation for themselves and donors but they were also able to use the video in their marketing and public outreach. Time lapse is a great tool for organizations to get more exposure on various media platforms including online and on television.

To learn more about ARTT鈥檚 activities across Taiwan check out theirwebsite聽or聽Facebook page.聽