Time lapse for Museum Exposition Installation at the National Palace Museum

Lapso de tiempo de instalación de exposición museística en el Museo del Palacio Nacional

📍Asia_ Leones, tigres y osos, ¡Dios mío! El año pasado, el Museo del Palacio Nacional en colaboración con tres zoológicos taiwaneses y...

Lions and tigers and bears, oh my! Last year the National Palace Museum in collaboration with three Taiwanese zoos and the National Museum of Marine Biology & Aquarium held a unique exposition for children in Taipei. The goal of this multi-disciplinary exposition was to teach children about complex concepts like artifact preservation, ecological protection, and animal welfare in an interactive and accessible way.

With lively designs and two digital tour guides, the exhibit stimulated all five sense. Historic paintings from the museum’s collection were accompanied by photographs and noises from the featured animals. Real animal pelts and puppets offered hands on learning and parchment made from elephant and hippo dung provided an unforgettable experience for all visitors. Animals are living artifacts and visitors young and old left with a deeper understanding of the importance of their role as citizens of the world.

This multi-media exhibit had an extensive installation process. The museum decided that they would use time lapse to showcase all the hard work that goes into installing an exhibit. Brinno TLC2000 cameras were set up to capture the whole thing!



Creating a time lapse of their exhibit gave the museum footage that could be shared with their partners, members, benefactors, and all their 250,000 fans on Facebook. Using time lapse in your exhibit can provide visitors with a deeper appreciation of the art and displays but also serve as an organic advertisement, as one commenter on their FB video said “So cool! Can’t wait to go next week”.