McDonalds Restaurant Construction in Saudi Arabia Documented on Time Lapse

Construcción de restaurante McDonalds en Arabia Saudita documentada en lapso de tiempo

📍Asia_El ingeniero Basssam Alrmaily tiene pasión por la construcción y documenta sus proyectos utilizando un...

Engineer Basssam Alrmaily has a passion for construction and documents his projects using a mixture of Brinno time lapse, still images, and video. Owning your own construction comes with a number of challenges but using time lapse and other video tools helps Bassam create captivating marketing materials. His videos not only entertain viewers but are also used to help him get new clients.

In the past year he has worked on the construction of a handful of McDonalds restaurants all around Saudi Arabia. Bassam’s most recent project was in the town of Turaifwhich sits on the border with Jordan and is about 1400km away from the capital Riyadh.  This project took 113 days and was captured using a Brinno TLC200 time lapse camera.

Edited with cool transitions, his video really captures the essence of the construction project and once completed he provides viewers with a private inside tour. See if you can spot any Saudi Arabian McDonald’s localizations such as privacy curtains for the seating booths.

Brinno time lapse provides business owners with a unique opportunity to showcase their projects in all their glory. Adding time lapse to your arsenal of marketing tools will not only help you energize company marketing efforts but also expand your business network. Learn more about how you can use time lapse to grow your business and find your perfect Brinno camera.