Joint Exhibit Installation in Taipei Captured on Time Lapse

Instalación de exhibición conjunta en Taipei capturada en lapso de tiempo

📍Asia_La Exposición Internacional del Libro anual en Taipei fue cancelada este año debido a la pandemia y reemplazada...

The annual International Book Exhibition in Taipei was canceled this year due to the pandemic and replaced with a joint exhibit in partnership with 7 local museums. The Taiwanese Ministry of Culture worked in collaboration with the museums and Singaporean interior design firm SPACElogic to put together the exhibit called Stories of Museums.

For the past few years SPACElogic has been using Brinno cameras to capture the installation process of their exhibits and this project was no exception. A few TLC2020 time lapse cameras were set up around the exhibition space to capture the entire installation.



Following the main goals of the International Book Exhibit to promote books and literacy, Stories of Museums showcased books that highlighted the impacts that local museums have had on Taiwanese society. The featured publications focused on three key themes: seeing art, reading history and knowing human rights.

The exhibit was hosted at the gorgeous National Taiwan Museum and ran from February 26-March 1st. New book launches and special lectures were intended to coincide with the exhibit however had to be cancelled due to local pandemic measures.

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