Find Out Why Thousands of People Are Using Brinno Time Lapse to Document the Construction of their Dream Home

Descubra por qué miles de personas utilizan Brinno Time Lapse para documentar la construcción de la casa de sus sueños

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Do you have a dream to build your own house one day? Building a house is a monumental and unforgettable life step worth commemorating. How do you document such a long and complicated process in a way that honors the time and work that went into the build? Photos work great for before and after comparisons but do not fully capture the time and effort that goes into a new home construction. With time lapse video, you can showcase every single construction day in a video whose length can be adjusted depending on your needs.

Brinno’s construction time lapse camera series has been designed to meet the needs of all construction projects, big or small. For many Brinno users, this dream of building a dream home has become a reality and Martin Lorton is one of them.

Martin, a full-time YouTube video blogger based in North Carolina has a YouTube channel that specializes in reviewing and making tutorials on solar power, alternative energy and electronic measurement equipment. In 2017, him and his family moved to Black Mountain, North Carolina and decided that they wanted to build their own home from scratch. As a video blogger, recording the whole building process and sharing it with his followers was second nature. Time lapse seemed like a great medium to film the construction and the TLC200Pro camera was a perfect fit for the yearlong term build.




When Martin posted the video back in April, he never could have guessed that it would amass almost 300k views. When asked about the video’s success he said,

“I am surprised how popular this video is, as it is the long version. I have several shorter versions and I thought they would get more views.”

Maybe it’s the nature of the video “12 months in 13 minutes” that encourages people to click. It is an impressive video, starting off as a slightly overgrown plot of land and finishing with a beautiful home surrounded by forest. Time lapse is the only comprehensive way to share long-term projects in a way that’s both appealing and satisfying to all viewers. Brinno cameras like the TLC200Pro that Martin used, have battery lives that last for months and have an optional weather resistant housing that allows for outdoor filming in any weather condition.

At the end of the construction project Martin and his family not only had a new home but also had priceless video documentation of the process that they could share and cherish for the rest of their lives. When asked about his experience using the TLC200Pro to record the build, Martin said this,

“I was very happy with my use of the TLC200Pro. It made capturing this 1 year build relatively easy.”

For more information on Martin and his projects check out his website and YouTube channels:

Brinno has a variety of camera models that fit your filming needs not matter the size or length of your project. The BCC200 and BCC2000 construction camera kits provide protections for your camera that ensure that in all work in environments you never miss a shot.

Please take a look at Brinno’s tips for capturing new home builds:

  1. Find a stable pole or tree to mount your camera in a stable position. 
  2. Setup a capture schedule that matches working hours.
  3. Use the calculator tool on our website to calculate battery life and the ideal capture interval settings. For example: if you use the BCC200 with 8 hr per day at a 5 min capture interval the battery life is 42 days.
  4. Check the weather resistant housing regularly (every few weeks) to ensure that nothing has damaged the housing or compromised your recording. If the camera you purchased did not come with a weather resistant housing, make sure you purchase one so that it can film in all weather conditions.
  5. Prepare a second SD card that can be swapped regularly to collect camera video files. We recommend once every few weeks, you can use this time to inspect the weatherproof housing and ensure that it is recording as expected.
  6. Use any editing software,Windows Movie Editor, Mac iMovie, Adobe Premiere Pro, etc.  to stitch together all video clips.
  7. Upload finished video to your social media channels! If you want to share your videos to the Brinno community make sure you use the #Brinno hashtag or share your video to our website