Construction of Massive Transport Ship Showcased on Time Lapse

La construcción de un barco de transporte masivo se muestra en un lapso de tiempo

📍Asia_En un hito importante para la industria de la construcción naval en Taiwán, se presentó el primer barco de transporte construido en Taiwán...

In a major milestone for the ship building industry in Taiwan, the first Taiwan-built transport ship was unveiled. This 10,600 ton ship is an impressive 153 meters long and 23 meters wide. The massive transport vessel has been built to serve multiple purposes including the ability to provide international humanitarian relief to disaster stricken nations. It isequipped with a flight deck and hangar for aircraft, while also being able to serve as a field hospital at sea.

Taiwan is no stranger to disasters and their expertisein post-disaster recovery has been appreciated across the world. After the 3/11 earthquake and tsunami in Japan, Taiwan provided Japan with the most aid out ofany country. With this new ship, Taiwan intends to continue their international position as a well-respected provider of humanitarian aid.

To document the construction of this remarkable ship, the shipping company CSBC Corporation used Brinno time lapse cameras.The footage premiered during the unveiling ceremony and showed how such amassive ship gets built. In the 4 minute time lapse watch how everything comes together like building blocks. One-by-one each the various components of theship get lifted into place including the powerful engine and the impressive mast tower.  It is almost like a giant Lego project! 


President Tsai attended the ship unveiling and revealed the ship’s name YuShan (玉山艦). This name holds a special importance as itis the name of Taiwan’s tallest mountain, Jade Mountain. Additionally the name pays homage to Taiwan’s rich cultural heritage and serves as a callback to the great YuShan ships of the past.

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