Brinno aided a significant moment in the evolution of the city of Kaohsiung in Southern Taiwan.

Brinno contribuyó a un momento significativo en la evolución de la ciudad de Kaohsiung en el sur de Taiwán.

📍Asia_Uno de los sitios históricos más importantes de Kaohsiung, la Estación de la Corona Imperial...
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One of Kaohsiung’s most important historical sites, The Imperial Crown Station, has been standing for almost a century, and was the entryway to the large overground rail system that connects Kaohsiung to the rest of the island.


Brinno x The Imperial Crown Station

The Kaohsuiung train station also known as the Imperial Crown Station.



In August of 2002, to facilitate Kaohsiung’s underground railway project, the city underwent a 17-day project to relocate the historical landmark, setting a record for the largest relocation of cultural relics in Taiwan. This new underground system would eliminate the need for overground railways, allowing for more green areas and housing and signifying a new chapter of Kaohsiung’s urban planning and transportation development. Once the new underground system was completed in 2021, it was time to bring the original major train station back to where it was 18 years prior at the central axis of the city and railway. 


The main challenge posed for the relocation this time around lay in the need for vertical as well as horizontal movement. The new site had been altered to integrate earthquake and flood prevention methods, requiring the site to be raised 2m higher than The Imperial Crown Station. Using a system of 128 hydraulic jacks, architects raised the 2500 tonne station almost 4m off the ground and relocated it 67m to the West before unloading it by 2m to sit on its original position.


Brinno x The Imperial Crown Station-2

Lifting the station up above ground to relocate the building. 



Brinno's TLC200 Pro time lapse camera was chosen to document the entire process of this monumental relocation because of its dedicated features that enable it to withstand long projects. With more than three months of battery life, the camera could shoot continuously throughout the entire construction and, due to its waterproof casing, could resist harsh building conditions. 

One of the main missions of Brinno is to constantly revamp the status quo and push the limits of technology. We recently released the TLC300, successor of the famous BCC200 camera series. Besides upgrading all the necessary features, one of the most significant innovations came from the integrated one-page setting menu, making the original user-friendly design even more foolproof. Just as the Kaohsiung train station holds historical significance for the city, Brinno's latest BCC300 bundles build on the reputation of their predecessor, the BCC200, demonstrating our unwavering commitment to producing high-quality time lapse cameras.