Grow a Grass Head

Grow a Grass Head

A fun and simple at home gardening experiment that can be done from your kitchen window. Make a real life friend...
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Source: Cherry City Busy Kids


A fun and simple at home gardening experiment that can be done from your kitchen window. Make a real life friend that requires regular haircuts, style away like a hairdresser and try out new styles.

What you need for this experiment:

  • Pair of old stockings
  • 4 elastic bands
  • 2 googly eyes
  • Potting soil
  • Grass seed
  • Mason jar


Take your old stocking and cut them so that only half the leg remains. Fill the bottom “foot” section with grass seeds and then follow with enough potting soil to make a round head. When you are satisfied with the size and shape of your head secure the bottom into place with an elastic band. Make sure your head isn’t too stuffed otherwise you won’t be able to make nose and ears.

To make a nose and ears for your head, twist and secure with elastic bands small balls in the center and on both sides of the head. Glue your googly eyes to your head’s face. If you want to give your head a bit more character, use some pipe cleaners to make a mouth or facial hair.

Fill the Mason jar half full of water. Rest your head on the top and make sure that the bottom of the stocking, without any soil, is emerged under water. Optionally cut out arms and feet using cardboard. Color them in and then tape them to the sides of your Mason jar.

Set your head in a very bright place, preferably a windowsill. Every 2-3 days change out the water in your mason jar. After about a week you will start to see the blades of grass peeping out, just like hair. The grass will continue to grow even after you cut it. 



Time Lapse Instructions

To film plant growth we recommend setting a schedule so that your camera only shoots during the daytime.

Interval: 30 minutes

Scene: Day

HDR: High

Growing a grass head is a fun activity for all ages. If you have cats, this craft also gives them a tasty treat to snack on. Because the dirt stays within the stockings, you do not need to fear your kitty digging and spilling dirt everywhere.

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