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With great power comes great responsibility

Time lapse camera is your superhero for a construction site that includes unpredictable sunlight environments and ever-changing outdoor weather conditions. To resolve these issues, a perfect time lapse camera becomes very crucial and requires superpower to confront multiple photography scenarios with one item. 

Built-in flexibility like no other

Schedule your daily photo taking schedule as precisely as you want.  Whether it be from Monday to Friday, 8AM-6PM or any other specific start and stop day/time.

Fearless of Mother Nature

Unpredictable weather is a huge headache on most construction sites where time lapse is being used but not when you utilize any of Brinno’s multiple IPX4 weather resistant cases.

Longer than your construction

Multiple days, months to OVER a year of a construction site's progress can be recorded with just a few simple steps or for a quick start set up with the push of a lightning fast button.

Construction Solution

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Time Lapse Camera

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