縮時攝影在學術界有許多應用。 Mathieu Bonneau等人最近發表的一篇題為"結合神經網路和縮時攝影相機的戶外動物追蹤" 文章並發表在《農業電腦和電子雜誌》上。

Using Time Lapse to Share Best Practices in World Heritage Site Restoration

Last year everyone in the world stopped to mourn Notre-Dame in Paris after a devastating fire destroyed the roof of the cathedral. This disaster was a good reminder of the power and importance......

Find Out Why Thousands of People Are Using Brinno Time Lapse to Document the Construction of their Dream Home

Do you have a dream to build your own house one day? Building a house is a monumental and unforgettable life step worth commemorating. How do you document such a long and complicated process in a way that honors the time and...

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