Enhance your construction projects with this unique storytelling tool

Time lapse footage can be used by your company in a wide variety of applications. Our customers range from large construction companies and public works to families documenting the build of their dream home.

PR/Community Engagement

Use videos for advertising and exposure throughout your community. Got a cool project that will have a positive impact on a neighborhood? Provide community members with updates that can hype it up and increase local enthusiasm towards development projects. Increased exposure will also provide a new avenue to get new clients.

-          Share to your website or social media

-          Promote your projects to increase awareness and get new clients

-          Increase exposure by sharing footage with TV stations

Stakeholder Engagement

Visual content like time lapse films can be easily enjoyed by partners in all backgrounds. Use the footage with all stakeholders so that they can stay up to date on the construction. Keep investors in the know when it comes to project updates and timelines.

-          Keepsake for homeowners

-          Provide investors with assurance

-          Visual updates make stay up to date with construction progress easier for average people to understand 


Business Development

Modernize your portfolio with videos of your works and show potential clients the detailed processes involved in your construction projects. The same videos can also be used throughout the project to communicate updates between trades so that everyone stays in the loop. When hiring new employees videos can be used for training and educational purposes.

-          Professional portfolio.

-          Training and education

-          Enhance project communications

Document & Share Memories

Use Brinno cameras to document progress which can be used for archiving purposes. Videos are date and time stamped for easy viewing.

-          Document progress with time and date stamps

-          Proof of incidence

-          Immortalize work


Trust Building with Customers

Ensure your clients that every part of your contract was completed with a high level of professionalism. Videos also show clients the hard work that goes into each part of the project. With video time stamps prove hours worked and visually show resources and manpowered used.

-          Increase customer confidence

-          Proof of project completion 

Jobsite Monitoring

You’re very busy and can’t always be on site. With your time lapse camera stay up to date on daily happenings. Employees will be more accountable of their actions knowing there is an extra set of eyes. Time lapse footage is compatible with a wide range of object detection software, use software to comb through footage to automize your monitoring. 

-          Compatible with various AI and object detection software

-          Employee accountability

-          Extra set of eyes

Showcase with time lapse

Time lapse is becoming an indispensable tool for the construction industry. Join the worldwide Brinno family and discover for yourself why thousands of contractors from Pittsburg to Timbuktu are using Brinno time lapse to document their projects.  Every project has a story, share yours with time lapse.