Bluetooth Rotating Camera Stand

With Bluetooth app control the Brinno Pan Lapse is a great way to get smooth panning videos from you Brinno camera, smart phone or light weight camera. Meet the Brinno ART200 Pan Lapse which is a programmable tool that lets you capture time lapse videos conveniently. You can program it from your iOS or Android device via Bluetooth. The APP lets you set speed of rotation, time lapse time interval, panning angle, and rotation direction.

Make Panning Time Lapse Easy

Brinno Pan Lapse ART200 is a speed adjustable, blue tooth app programmable rotating camera stand with Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) remotely controlled. It is a time-lapse device that lets you take beautiful panning with your camera or smartphone.


Super Slow Rotating Camera Stand

For time lapse video 1 = slowest. Adjustable 360° rotation up to 30 days. Best use for taking the super slow rotating time lapse videos.

Wireless Bluetooth App Control

With Wireless Bluetooth App Control, you can adjust camera settings by using your smartphone to take photos, videos and more.

Adjustable Rotation Speed

For your preference of 10 adjustable time interval panning speeds or 360 degrees continuous rotation!

Adjustable Sweeping Angle

Bluetooth-controlled stand pans or rotates to create time lapse videos.

>1 Months Battery Life

Included AAA batteries will run up to 30 days, depending on phone/camera weight and speed setting.

Suitable for Camera & Smartphone

Features 1/4"-20 mounts on bottom for tripod and top for camera, plus an included smartphone clamp.

Brinno Time Lapse Cameras

Capture the stunning Hyper Lapse footage with your Brinno Time Lapse Camera(s). 30-day battery life will help you to take the time lapse videos to the excellent level.

Digital Compact Cameras

Compatible with most of lightweight (<2.2lbs / 1.00kg) mirrorless digital cameras for Panning video shooting. Offering the speed and versatility required by multimedia photographers.

Action Cameras

The universal 1/4"-20 mounting threads is compatible for most of action cameras which ready in an instant to help you capture the stunning Point Of View videos.


Designed to fit any smartphone and offers a robust, locking and rotating solution when capturing images, video, or enjoying media via your smartphone.


Panning Speed

SPEED OF ROTATION (1-10 or infinity): For time lapse video 1 = slowest, 10 = fastest. Use infinity for real time video.

Time Interval

From within the app you can easily set speed of rotation, time lapse time interval, panning angle and rotation direction.

Panning Angle

Adjustable between 0 - 345° (sweeping back and forth within this range). Set to 0 for 360 degrees continuous rotation.

  • 1 Battery Low
  • 2 Power Status
  • 3 Bluetooth Status
  • 4 1/4”Tripod mount thread
  • 5 1/4”Tripod mount screw
  • 6 Power
  • 7 2 AAA Batteries
  • 8 Battery cover
  • 9 30° angle indicator

Bluetooth Rotating Camera Stand Pan Lapse App

With Brinno Pan Lapse App, you can set the speed of rotation, time lapse time interval, panning angle, and rotation direction.

PanLapse App Update!

PanLapse app update! Please uninstall your old app and install the new version:
What’s new: Optimized registration process.

Brinno Pan Lapse Bluetooth Rotating Camera Stand (BLE4.0)
Model No. ART200
Panning Speed Adjustable 360° rotation,
every 70 seconds to 30 days
Battery Life 48 hrs to 30 days,
depending on camera weight & speed setting
Tripod Mounting Thread 1/4" Tripod Mount & Camera Screw, Smartphone Clamp
Wireless Control Bluetooth 4.0 (BLE)
Compatible Phone Operating System Compatible with Android 4.3 or higher or Apple iOS
Dimensions 3.15 x 3.15 x 1.6" / 8.00 x 8.00 x 4.06cm
Weight 0.3lbs / 0.14kg (without batteries)
Camera Weight Capacity 2.2lbs / 1.00kg
APP Function
Panning Speed Non-stop or adjustable speed (10 steps)
Panning Time interval 1 - 240 seconds
Sweeping Angle 0 - 345° (back and forth)
What’s In the Box
  • Brinno Pan Lapse Bluetooth Rotating Camera Stand (ART200)
  • Smartphone Clamp
  • 2 x AAA Batteries
  • Quick Guide