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Item Description Download update
USER MANUAL TLC2020/TLC2000 Manual for Firmware130 English Version 2020/04/01
TLC2000 Manual for Firmware90 English Version 2019/08/07
TLC2000 Manual for Firmware79 English Version 2019/03/28
QUICK GUIDE TLC2020/TLC2000 Quick Guide United Version 2019/03/20

Must download firmware with Windows only (not compatible with macOS).


  1. Add Quick Menu Mode:
    You can select pre-set capture theme settings quickly.
  2. Select Battery Type:
    Supports rechargeable, lithium, and alkaline batteries. Select the battery type you are using to enhance camera energycapacity.
  3. Firmware optimized.
FIRMWARE UPGRADE PROCEDURE (PDF) Please read the firmware upgrade procedure before in the upgrade package to update your camera. 2020/08/07

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