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Current quarantine monitoring methods use cellphone location technology to monitor individuals’ movements. This method does not prevent individuals from leaving their phones at home while they break quarantine or monitor the arrival of guests who violate regulations. With Brinno’s doorway camera and motion sensor, real time notifications of door activity can be sent to monitoring staff.

No hardwiring

Battery powered with easy installation. Camera can be installed on the door or exterior wall

Instant Notification

Notifications are sent instantly via Wi-Fi

Motion Sensor

Automatically detects and captures doorway movements

Extra long Battery

4AA batteries provide up to 30 days battery life




Camera is installed on the door and motion detection accessory is discreetly installed in the doorway or in the hallway outside the door.


Inbound and Outbound

Motion sensor detects and captures movements outside doorway. Images are stored on an internal memory card and simultaneously uploaded to the cloud.


Instant Cloud Notification

Images are instantly sent to monitoring staff-allowing for a quick reaction to broken quarantine regulations.